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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 530  NBC  September 10, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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will continue to call the racist rhetoric. trump attending the funeral of conservative phyllis schlaflily. >> hillary, i've got news for you. >> trump's running mate responded at a campaign event in virginia. >> people who represent the millions of people who support mymate, they are good hard working america. >> and trump said this about iran. >> when they circle the little destroyers with the little boats
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gestures at our people that they shouldn't be allowed to make, they will be shot out of the water. >> reporter: 58 days until election day. the campaign as nasty as ever. junhe man who shot president ronald reagan was freed from a with hospital today. the federal judge says john o imkley jr. is no longer a threat to society. he's scheduled to move in with hingmother in virginia in an er smpt to impress jodie foster hinckley nearly killed president reagan after opening fire outside a hotel in washington proud.n 1981. his longtime lawyer says ausinley will be, quote, a citizen, about whom we can all be proud. >> and an earthquake rocked east africa today causing major destruction and killing at least 11 people so far. the 5.7 magnitude quake was centered in the country of ed at resouth of kenya. officials say all people who
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died when were brick structures. an a breakthrough agreement aimed at reducing the bloodshed and fighting in syria. >> also aimed as getting - 2perately needed humanitarian aid to the syrian people. nbc's matt bradley reports from london. >> reporter: here's what we know about the plan so far. it would see an immediate halt to the fighting starting on monday night, and it would also allow humanitarian aid to flow into blockaded areas of syria, particularly the northern city of aleppo. now if all of that holds up for seven days, then russia and the u.s. will establish what they are calling a joint implementation center to share intelligence and targeting data. that would allow the u.s. and russia to cooperate on targeting islamic state and other groups like the al qaeda-linked force once known as the nusra front. now, this is a big deal. could really be the best hope for some kind of humanitarian reprieve in syria. the chance for this entire nation to really finally come up for air after five years of war that some people say has left
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nearly half had a million people dead. but it could also be a stillborn deal, the kind of toothless accord between hostile papers that isn't worth the ground it's written on and rebels in syria have all but dismissed this deal even after it was announced an even u.s. secretary of state john kerry signed cautious after they announced the agreement. >> no one is building this based on trust. it is based on a way of providing oversight and compliance through mutual interest and other things, and we are determined to explore every single avenue possible for progress. >> but if it does become a reality, the implications could be felt far beyond the battlefields of syria. it could represent a very real diplomatic rapprochement between russia and the u.s. could that ease tensions really throughout the globe. matt bradley, nbc news, london. >> the number of confirmed zika
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cases in florida is holding steady at 56. liftiat's a big deal because it means a travel advisory could soon be lifted. "the miami herald" reports the allyers for disease control and ses ention plans on lifting its businl restriction for a one-square mile zone on september 15th, but only if asere's no new locally contracted cases before that date. business owners are anxious for things to get back to normal. one business district is even r king miami for compensation from zika's impact because of the drop in customers. >> tomorrow a very tough anniversary. the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks in new york city, and also at the pentagon and in pennsylvania. some people will be visiting the 9/11 memorials to honor kevi who lost their lives. tom gugliota paid tribute to some of those victims. >> reporter: if you look close you might miss it. but outside this fire station a small piece of mangled steel has
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history behind it. >> it has special meaning to it. >> reporter: displayed in bristol, home of the oldest independence day celebration in the country. >> i've personally viewed many citizens of the community that have looked at this. >> reporter: 26 miles and another state away a different display outside a fire department in acushnet. along with this large piece of trade center steel it also has a piece of the facade from the pentagon and this rock from the field in shanksville, pennsylvania. >> we'll never forget and the i fought anyone in this community will as well. >> reporter: memorial display very classy and very respectful, but there's even more to it than meets the eye. from the base of that monument to the highest point on the steel is 9'11" tall. this top corner here, that points directly to the world trade center site in new york. the work on the sculpture and other displays all donated.
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in fact, everything you see was, the bricks in the patio and the grass and flowers surrounding it. both displays a powerful tribute to a tragedy still fresh in our minds. >> we honor the sacrifice that that department made, not just that department but 343 families, and we will always, taways carry them in our hearts. ng thet was tony gugliotta reporting. coming up, a concern for a ivers of general motors cars with a potentially dead ly defet that could cause harm to millions of individuals. >> and the nasa rover on mars and what it's revealing about the planet. >> you can see from our time lapse in soma, yeah, another foggy start for your sunday. we'll talk about that, plus the return of some showers to the bay area coming up in the full forecast. more than four million vehicles,
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because of a potentially
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deadly defect. ==take vo== the problem stems from air b general motors is recalling more than 4 million vehicles because of a potentially deadly defect. the problem stems from air bag software. in rare cases the car's sensing and diagnostic module can go into test mode preventing the front air bags from inflating during a crash. seat belts may not work either. the defects have been linked to one death and three injuries so far. most of the cars under recall were sold in the u.s. >> no signs of tension at the north korean border as chinese tourists enter the country. the tourists seem to enjoy the time touring the country and ran into no particular scrutiny. even after the chinese foreign ministry condemned the recent nock nuclear testing, the country lass urged them to stop the testing. >> nasa curiosity mars rover sent back new color pictures of the red planet. let's take a look. you know, it's not just the red
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planet. >> very desolate and very rocky. >> as you mentioned, rocky terrain on mars' surface. nasa says the photos are expected to give researchers a better understanding of how the current landscape of mars came to be. >> looks a little bit like parts of arizona. >> and the pictures are miracles in themselves. >> more colors in the last couple of pictures. >> that we can take a look at the photos, pretty amazing. coming up, helping combat concussions in sport. the new plan by the national hockey league to protect hockey players. >> plus -- >> a debt collector usually hounds you after a bill sun paid, but what if you never got a bill in the first place? i'm consumer investigator chris camorra. three frustrated families speak up next.
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==raj/2shot== now -- y you need help and you need an ambulance. nbc bay area is responding to three families who did just that, called an ambulance for help. >> and now they are facing another unexpected shock, collection notices for the ride to the hospital. >> reporter: these were no small collection bills. we're talking charges between 1,700 and $3,300 and all received collect notices for something that happened nearly two years ago, in some cases too late to file for insurance. >> we get this bill in the mail, and it was from a collection agency which i said what is this? >> reporter: kenneth howard couldn't figure out why he was getting a collection's bill from an ambulance ride he needed two years ago for chest pains. >> very strange to receive a bill two years later when you've had no communication with that company at all snow never got a bill. >> never got a bill for that. >> reporter: she got a similar bill for her husband's ambulance
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bill. >> very irritating. try to make sure that all my bills are paid from my parents, my job. >> reporter: again a collections notice arrives. this time in steven sirico's mailbox for his elderly father's service in 2015. kenneth, ellen and steven have one thing in common. they all say they never got a bill from the rural metro ambulance service prior to a texas-based collections notice arriving in their mailboxes two years later. >> they say they can't talk to me because everything is with the collection agency. >> reporter: steven inquired about the bill by calling rural metro directly. ellen is a retired schoolteacher and kept detailed records of the family's medical bills. nowhere in her files is a bill for the ambulance ride. >> no, i didn't see an ambulance bill, but i didn't really give it a second thought. i figured it was in -- somewhere in there and was taken care of it. >> reporter: they all said getting details from rural metro was impossible, and when they called the collections agency, credence resource management, all that was offered was a payment plan.
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>> well, can i give you 20% off today of the total bill, and i said i'm not going to pay this. i said why? >> reporter: all three laid out their medical payment histories but nowhere was a bill from rural metro for these ambulance rides, instead just a notice from a debt collector, a move that can leave a mark on your credit and lead to higher costs. >> my gosh, there's got to be a mistake here some place. >> two years later, you know, somebody dropped the ball somewhere. >> reporter: within 48 hours of a inquiry rural metro wiped the bills clean. in a statement the company explained what happened. quote, the issue resulteded from a processing change that was made from rural metro came out of bankruptcy. we have identified and corrected the issue and are handling each inquiry on a case by case basis. did you receive a collection notice for an ambulance ride? call us at 888-966-tips or go to once there click the yellow
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submit story, share your photos, documents and video, everything we need to help us investigate your case. back to you. >> well, in my mind i'm still clinging to the thought of summer. >> right. >> and yet -- >> it's coming to a very slow end. >> officially over. >> an abrupt end. >> with rain. >> get out end joy the next couple of days because then we're talking 60s and 70s for the day phil highs and yes, even some showers. the first showers of the season. can you believe it. that time of year. september we usually start to see that rain and in fact next week we may actually be tracking some. we're still looking at comfortable conditions outside. 70s and 80s for the most part and breezy conditions in san francisco and 64 degrees right now. tomorrow another wonderful day expected with morning clouds and still temperatures warm for our inland vales and back to 848 for the tri-vale. not as hot, even places like the south bay and 62 in san francisco so the winds will start to pick up through the afternoon, this evening and will continue to die down as we head towards tonight.
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tomorrow we'll see calm winds that will pick back up in the afternoon hours, towards the north bay and east bay valleys with winds up to 20 miles per hour. that's good enough to clear out our air quality that has been suffering over the past couple of days. back into the good and moderate category at least for the next 24 hours. we do have the big changes on tap. in fact, you can see storm systems lined up across gulf of alaska. the storm track is still well to the north. that's why it's been so warm over the past couple of days and each and every day if you've been outside you probably noticed that it's cooling off and by next week we're really going to feel that chill. got a storm system headed that way. not a huge one but it's going to come from the north, and it's going to, in fact, bring the potential for some showers back to the bay area. looks like most of it will stay across the coastal ranges and then we'll even have some thunderstorms across tahoe as this thing pulls out for wednesday. so, as we look at futurecast, show you what i'm talking about. drizzle at the coastline. each and every morning, the fog like we've had the past couple of mornings and it will really
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beef up heading to monday and tuesday. tuesday, look at future cast. this is monday night into tuesday morning when we'll have the best chance of seeing any showers. tuesday around 4:00 in the morning, showers at half moon bay and down towards santa cruz and towards the higher ranges and san martin and that's where best chance of any widespread showers is expected for tuesday morning, and then by tuesday afternoon our attention shifts over towards the mountains and then we can see some thunderstorms by tuesday evening. so the futurecast, we'll show you what i'm talking about, not a lot of rain. most of us will stay dry the first go round. the first rains of the season, most of the inland valleys don't see the showers. can you see futurecast leaving goose eggs for the inland valleys and coastal locations, where we can see anywhere from a tenth of an inch of rainfall. next couple of days, temperatures cool off and that's something you'll really feel even though you won't see the rain everywhere. inland valleys, especially back into the 70s and san francisco, tuesday morning is going to be
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one of those cloudy dreary days where it will be a little bit more than just drizzle, so you may need to get the windshield wipers red and change them out. >> yeah. >> hasn't rained in quite a long time. >> so good to get it. >> actually looking forward to it. >> won't be doing much about the drought but it will be wet in the road. >> yes. >> and putting us in the right direction. >> yeah, we'll take it, and the any, thank you. >> coming up, the focus is being shifted away from football. why some seattle seahawks fans are expressing outrage about a demonstration before tomorrow's game. game
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demonstration before tomorrow' the seattle seahawks are planning a pregame demonstration before tomorrow's football game. now it's not clear if the seahawks will do exactly, but some fans have expressed outrage about any kind of protest or demonstration during the national anthem. >> yeah. this is a big national conversation right now, but as a result of this, the mayor of
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dupont, washington, a military town, has announced he's indefinitely postponing a city-sponsored seahawks rally because of the expected demonstration. nbc's heather graf has the story. >> let's go hawks. >> reporter: never before has the countdown to kickoff been surrounded by so much speculation. >> they all might kneel, who knows. >> reporter: seahawks fans can't help but wonder what their team will do as it relates to recent national anthem protests by nfl players. >> i think solidarity. >> reporter: when seattle has its home opener on sunday, september 11th. >> i think it's a really fine line because, yeah, it's september 11th, like you mentioned, so that's a very touchy date for our country. >> reporter: a careful balance most in this crowd told us between standing up for label injustice and showing respect to the red, white and blue. >> i think that -- i think they have the right to the free
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speech for a reason and on september 11th is the wrong day to make any kind of stance. >> reporter: mayor of the military town of dupont apparently felt the same way. >> it offends me greatly, and i know it offends a lot of members of my community greatly. >> reporter: and that's why he made the decision spelled out in a statement and showed the fans that this seahawks rally in seattle and a similar event set for saturday in dupont would be cancelled. reality came crashing down in recent days, the mayor said, over concerns of a potential player protest of the national anthem. >> i feel like they are doing a disservice to the community because it's really it's a seahawks rally. it's not really like, you know -- i don't know what they are trying to prove by not having the rally in their city. we just want to celebrate football. >> reporter: celebrate, and on this day speculate. >> they have such a platform to
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the public as professional athletes. >> reporter: what the seahawks will do in this game-time decision. >> all of that started by 49er colin kaepernick. the pressure is on for contact sports to cut down on concussions, and this yore the nhl is looking at a brand new stradgy. the league will reportedly add four so-called central spotters. their job will be to monitor all the games on tv and remove a player if they notice visible signs of a concussion. critics say trainers watching tv are too removed and don't have enough power to make those tough calls. remove the guys from the house. the nhl already has inhouse spotters. >> several thousand protesters took to the streets of madrid, spain, to call for a ban on bull fighting. the protesters were adding their voices to a growing animal rights movement that's prompted some local authorities to clamp down on the centuries old tradition of bull fighting. the protest is the biggest of its kind to date t.follows a
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video that was released to the public and shared millions of times on social media. now other festivals involving chasing or killing the animals are still common in spain, and they do have a loyal following. here's a story that will get a -- it will move you. a woman partly responsible for one of the most iconic american photographs ever has passed away. >> greta freedman is the nurse in this times square picture. a "life" magazine photographer captured this moment of an ecstatic sailor celebrating the end of world war ii. he grabbed this nurse and kissed her. freedman died thursday at a hospital in richmond, virginia. she was 92 years old, and that picture still gives you goose bumps when you see it. it really is one of those iconic photos. >> watching something the other day about world war ii and when it ended, it's hard to say, just what the toll was that it took on this country, and that is how america felt right there. >> just the joy that it was over. >> yeah. >> and welcoming those soldiers back for sure, yeah. >> well, you know, our
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temperatures are going to climb over the next couple of days. at least going down as we head towards next week. tomorrow is a warm day, but as we head towards monday and tuesday, there is your dip in those temperatures. in fact, we'll see even the potential of more cloud cover inlau inland hand maybe more showers. tuesday is the day to watch for any rain activity. not a whole lot. maybe a tenth of an inch or less, and, of course, this could be the first round of rain that we usually get of the year. not usually a huge event so it may just be enough to get the ground wet. we'll take it as we get going with rain seasons. definitely a good sign of things to come. >> you see all the leaves changing a little bit. definitely feeling that sense that maybe fall is coming. >> it is. >> it's on your mind. >> i'm a september guy. you've got twins and halloween is -- >> huge. >> we decorated today. we're on it. >> and birthdays. >> we're looking forward to it. thank you for joining us here tonight at 5:00. >> more news at 6:00. we're coming right back after
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the break. >> stay with us. a young boy killed ... after a
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suspected drunk driver -- slamm into their car. right now at 6:00, a young boy killed after a suspected drunk driver slams into their car. the news at 6:00 starts now. good evening to you and thanks for joining us tonight. i'm peggy bunker. >> and i'm terry mcsweeney. >> tonight new information about the boy killed in that crash and the woman accused of killing and
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hitting him while driving drunk. >> reporter: >> more live from san ramon with the details. this is just a terrible story. >> reporter: yeah, it's absolutely a tragic story. a 3-year-old boy killed in this crash, his mom and siblings injured and now a 39-year-old pleasanton woman taken into custody and being held on felony suspicious of driving under the influence and gross vehicular manslaughter. chp has identified her as yarenit liliana malihan. they say she was driving an suv northbound yesterday evening on 680 in san ramon when she ran into the back of a camry. 3-year-old elijah dunn was in that car and airlifted to a hospital where he died. the chp says that the family's camry was disabled and pulled over on a wide right shoulder with a mom and her three kids inside. officers say that they were in their seat belts and the little ones in child safety seats trying to stay safe.


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